Alec Baldwin Responds To Trump’s Latest Tweets, His Feelings About “SNL”

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Alec Baldwin, the actor, and comedian was recently on the US talk show “The Late Show” when he responded to Trump’s recent tweets. While Alec Baldwin is well-known for his performances as Jack Donaghy in “30 Rock”, he also periodically takes on the role of Trump, who often shares thoughts that are not very politically correct. In response to Trump’s latest tweets, Alec said that while he doesn’t like the idea of people thinking they can ‘assign him a voice’ because of his acting, he has always thought it

Alec Baldwin Responds to Trump’s Tweets

Alec Baldwin responded to President Donald Trump’s latest tweets about “Saturday Night Live” on Monday. In a series of tweets, Trump called Baldwin “terrible” and said he was “worse than Kate McKinnon”. Baldwin took to Instagram to respond, calling the president a “racist”, and saying that he won’t be returning to “SNL” next season.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, President Donald Trump slammed Alec Baldwin, calling him terrible and saying he was “worse than Kate McKinnon”. He went on to say that Baldwin was no longer welcome at “SNL” and that he never wanted him there in the first place.

Baldwin responded on Instagram Monday with a post that reads: “A great talent like Alec Baldwin will never let you down. I hope you can see past the racist jokes, the constant negative energy and the lack of respect you have for our country.” He also says he won’t return for Season 43 of “Saturday Night Live”.

In response to these tweets, Alec Baldwin released this statement:

Alec Baldwin on Life, His Family and SNL

Alec Baldwin responds to Donald Trump’s latest tweets about “SNL”. In one tweet, Trump says Baldwin is a “third-rate actor” and in another, he says Baldwin should “get better help.” Baldwin took to Instagram to respond to the president, saying: “You are a disgrace to our country. Get better help.”

Alec Baldwin’s Feelings about

Alec Baldwin Responds to Trump’s Latest Tweets, His Feelings About “SNL”

He took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to President Donald Trump’s latest tweets about the show “Saturday Night Live”. Baldwin wrote, “It is not funny and it is not clever. It is simply vile and divisive. Like everything else he does, it is a sign of his lack of understanding and empathy for people who have struggled.”

Alec Baldwin’s Advice for SNL

Alec Baldwin’s return to “Saturday Night Live” this week was met with mixed reactions on social media, with some praising the actor and others criticizing him for his portrayal of President Donald Trump. In a series of tweets on March 3, Trump took issue with Baldwin’s portrayal of him, saying he “hates” the show and that Baldwin is “nothing but a disaster.”

Baldwin responded to Trump’s tweets in an interview with The New York Times on Saturday, saying that while he doesn’t agree with everything the president says, he feels it’s important to try and be honest about his character. He also advised SNL to continue making fun of Trump despite the backlash they may receive.

“SNL” has faced criticism in the past for not being critical enough of Trump, and Baldwin said he hopes the show will continue to make fun of him even if Trump doesn’t like it. “I don’t think we should worry too much about pleasing somebody who isn’t going to enjoy it,” he said.

Alec Baldwin’s Message to Trump Supporters

Alec Baldwin took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter tirades, and while his message was clear – don’t vote for him in 2020 – he also had some words of encouragement for Trump supporters who may be feeling discouraged.

“To all the people who are supporting Donald Trump: hang in there,” Baldwin wrote. “He’s not going to be around for very much longer.”

Baldwin went on to say that voting for anyone other than Democrat Phil Murphy in 2020 is a waste of your vote. Murphy is the current frontrunner in early polling for the Democratic nomination.

“I urge you to please do not vote for anyone other than Phil Murphy for Governor of New Jersey this year,” Baldwin wrote. “He is an excellent candidate and will make a great governor.”

Final Thoughts

Alec Baldwin reacted to President Trump’s latest tweets and said that he still loves “SNL” despite what the president may think. He also said that he is not worried about his job, because he knows that he has the support of the show’s cast and crew.

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