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Aukini Garments is a fashion company that specializes in designing and selling unique, vibrant African dresses and skirts. The company was founded by a Kenyan woman, Aukini Odinga, in 2006. Odinga’s passion for fashion led her to start Aukini Garments after she graduated from college.

Today, Aukini Garments operates out of Nairobi, Kenya, and sells its products online. The company’s goal is to make stylish African clothing available to as many people as possible and to support Kenyan women in the fashion industry.

Aukini Garments’ mission is admirable and its products are beautiful. But can a fashion company survive on online sales alone? In this article, we’ll explore what challenges Aukini Garments will face as it continues to grow and evolve.

Garments Origin

Aukini Clothing was created in the small town of Aukini on the island of Niue in the South Pacific. The name of the company comes from the traditional Niuean dress, made from woven pandanus leaves and adorned with colorful reef fish ornaments.

Aukini Clothing brings together traditional Niuean weaving techniques with contemporary Western fashion design to create unique and stylish clothing that is comfortable to wear and stylish enough for any occasion. The company’s philosophy is to use natural materials and traditional patterns to create clothes that are environmentally friendly and ethically sound.

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Garments Product

Aukini Garments is a hip and trendy clothing store that specializes in stylish women’s wear. They have a wide range of products to choose from, including tops, bottoms, dresses, and skirts. Their clothes are comfortable and look great on any body type. Plus, they always have new arrivals so you can always find something unique and stylish to add to your wardrobe.

Garments Services

Aukini Garments Services provide quality and affordable clothing to the community. They offer a variety of services such as alterations, alterations on the go, and alterations for special occasions. They also have a wide selection of clothing for men, women, and children. Their prices are very reasonable, and their service is top-notch.

What They Are and What They Do

Aukini Garments is a clothing line based out of Hawaii that creates unique and colorful Hawaiian-style clothing. The clothing line was founded by Aukini Kaneshiro, who is originally from the island of Kaua’i. Kaneshiro started her own clothing line because she wanted to create stylish and comfortable clothes that reflected her own culture and heritage.

The Aukini Garments line features a variety of different styles, including dresses, skirts, tops, and even leis. The clothing is made from high-quality materials, such as cotton, rayon, and linen. The garments are designed to be both stylish and comfortable, which is why they are popular among women all over the world.

The Aukini Garments line has been featured in magazines and online publications around the world, and it has won awards for its innovative designs. In addition to selling the clothing line online and at select boutiques around the world, Kaneshiro also offers custom sewing services to clients who want their clothes made specifically to their specifications.

The History

Aukini Garments is a company that specializes in custom-made clothing. Founded in 1978, the company is based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The company’s name is derived from the Hawaiian word which means “fragrant.” Garments produces a variety of clothing, including aloha shirts and skirts, maternity clothes, and beachwear. The company also has a line of men’s clothing.

Aukini Garments was founded by two sisters, Gail and Cindy Hartman, who wanted to create custom-made clothing that reflected their Hawaiian culture and heritage. Initially, the company produced aloha shirts and skirts for women. However, over time the company expanded its line of products to include maternity clothes, beachwear, and men’s clothing. Today, Aukini Garments continues to produce custom-made clothing that reflects the traditions and culture of Hawaii.

How Aukini Garments Work

If you’re looking for a stylish, sustainable piece of clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable, then look no further than Aukini Garments. Made out of natural fabrics such as bamboo and wool, these garments are not only stylish but also environmentally friendly. In fact, every piece of clothing sold through the Aukini website is made in a fair trade workshop in Tanzania.

The process of making garments is incredibly labor-intensive. First, the fabric is sourcing from local suppliers in Africa. Then, it is carefully woven by hand into intricate designs. After that, the garments are dying using organic dyes and finished with natural oils. All of this takes time and effort, which is why Aukini garments are so unique and special.

Not only do Aukini garments look great, but they’re also comfortable to wear. The materials used in these garments are breathable and soft, which means you’ll stay cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

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The Different Types of Garments

Aukini is traditional Samoan clothing made from the leaves of the aukini tree. There are many different types of garments and each has its own unique purpose.

The most common type of garment is the aukini lei. This garment is made from colorful tissue

The Benefits

There are many benefits of owning Aukini clothing. First and foremost, these garments are ethically made in Kenya. This means that the workers who make them receive a fair wage and have safe working conditions. Additionally, clothing is stylish and comfortable. You can wear it anywhere, from the office to the weekend. Finally, clothing is affordable. You can find high-quality clothes at a fraction of the cost of other brands.


Garments is a small business based in Hawaii that makes sustainable, organic clothing and accessories. The company was founded by two friends who were passionate about creating high-quality, ethically-made apparel that also looked good and felt great. All of the materials used in Garments are sourced from within the United States or from certified sustainable plantations, and all of the clothing is designed to be comfortable, breathable, and stylish. If you’re looking for unique clothes that support sustainable practices, give Aukini Garments a try!

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