Baxcalibur EV Spread Strategies for Different Pokemon Types

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Are you tired of your Pokemon underperforming in battles? Are you looking for effective EV spread strategies to help you dominate any opponent, regardless of their type? Look no further! In this post, we’ll explore the Baxcalibur EV spread strategies specifically designed to maximize the potential of different Pokemon types. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your journey, these tips will give you an edge in your battles and help you climb the ranks. So brace yourself for some serious training and let’s dive into the world of Baxcalibur EV spreads!

What is Baxcalibur EV Spread?

Baxcalibur EV Spread Strategies for Different Pokemon Types

In Generation 6, the popular fighting game Pokken Tournament introduced Baxcalibur EV spreads for different Pokemon types. This strategy allows players to optimize the EVs and moveset of their Pokemon to achieve the best results in battle. This guide will cover how to use Baxcalibur EV spreads for each of the six main Pokemon types: Fire, Water, Flying, Ground, Psychic, and Dark. 

Fire Pokemon:

If you use a Fire-type pokemon in Pokken Tournament, your best bet is to max out your HP and Defense stat. Maxing out these stats will give your Pokemon a strong foundation to build its other stats. Additionally, it would be best if you aimed to put points into Attack and Speed so that your Pokemon can attack quickly and manoeuvre around the battlefield effectively. You can also consider investing some EVs into Special Attack if your Pokemon will benefit from additional damage output. 

Water Pokemon:

Maximising HP and Defence stats for water types such as Suicune or Gyarados would be best. Maximum HP will give your Pokemon extra survivability in battle, while maximizing Defense will help reduce damage taken by your Pokemon. You may also want to invest some EVs into Special Defence so that your water type does not take too much damage from special attacks. 

Flying Pokemon:

For flying types such as Dragonite or Alakaz

How Does Baxcalibur EV Spread Work?

Baxcalibur EV Spread strategies for different Pokemon Types

There are a few things to remember when using Baxcalibur EV Spread methods for your Pokemon. The most important thing is always to have the right Pokémon in your party when using Baxcalibur EV spread methods, as certain types of Pokémon will work better with certain EV spreads. 

For example, Machamp and Alakazam have a maximum HP of 1,000, so they would benefit from an Attack stat that’s as high as possible. For Machamp, this means maxing out its Attack stat with 252 EVs; for Alakazam, it would take 195 EVs. Another good example is Espeon and Umbreon – their Defense stats are both low, so they need all the help they can get to survive. Espeon takes 160 EVs into Defense, while Umbreon takes 248 EVs into Defense. 

In general, it’s important to consider the attacking capabilities of your Pokémon when using Baxcalibur EV spread methods. However, this rule has some exceptions – namely Dragonite and Salamence. These dragons have high Attack stats (250 and 226, respectively) but have relatively low defences (69 and 76). Because of this, Dragonite and Salamence can benefit more from an Evasion stat than an Attack stat when using Baxcalibur EV spread methods.

What are the Different Types of Pokemon That Benefit from the Baxcalibur EV Spread?

There are a lot of different Pokemon that can benefit from EV spreads, so it’s important to know what works best for your specific monsters. Here are six types of Pokemon and their corresponding EV spread strategies:

Grass Types:

Beedrill – Timid Nature ×4 Sp.Atk / Modest Nature ×2 Sp.Def

Pidgey – Adamant Nature ×4 Sp.Atk / Jolly Nature ×2 Sp.Def

Weedle – Jolly Nature ×4 Speed / Brave Nature ×2 Defense

Pineco – Relaxed Nature ×4 Defense / Careful Nature ×2 Special Defense

Water Types:

5) Gyarados – Adamant Nature x8 Atk / Jolly Nature x6 Speeds (or Adamant/Jolly if you want the boost to Physical Attack) 6) Poliwrath – Bold/AdamantNature x16 HP/SpecialDefense (or Relaxed/Brave if you want the boost in Defense stat)

Fire Types: 1) Ponyta – Jolly/Timid nature x4 Speed/Sp. Atk 2) Litten – Lonely nature x6 HP/Attack 3) Raikou – Rash nature x12 SpA 4) Entei – Adamant nature x6 Atk Determination 5) Typhlosion – Timid nature x8 Atk 6) Blaziken – Hasty naturex12 Attack 7), Swampert- Calm naturex14 Def


After looking at the different types of Pokemon and their respective strengths and weaknesses, it is clear that there are many different Baxcalibur EV Spread strategies to be used. Knowing which type of Pokemon your opponent has in play can give you an important edge in battle, so study all the different variations to put your strategy into practice when the time comes!

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