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Logging into My Navy Portal (MNP) requires login credentials to access the MNP Quick Links Portal. To gain access to the portal, you must visit the official website of the organization to receive a unique username and password. If you haven’t received them yet, you can ask an authority to send them to you. Otherwise, you can always check the website of the organization directly. Here are the steps to access the MNP Quick Links Portal.

My Navy Portal (MNP) is a web portal that combines the Navy’s HR IT systems, knowledge, and applications to provide Sailors with a single point of entry to manage their careers. It offers easy-to-understand links for everything from recruiter and career planning to training and education and the latest ships and technology. The MNP home page is loaded with links to important Navy and Marine Corps resources.

MNP’s Personnel Records Review (PRR) user aid provides a step-by-step process to review personnel information. MNP career center matches MNP self-service capabilities to a 24/7 customer support team and subject matter experts. The NIAPS server also provides online training. MyNavy Portal (MNP) quick links:


MNP’s new software has made it possible to connect and share information across your organization, and this includes documents. MNP Portal allows you to link individual stakeholders, MNP Services, and the entire account. This allows you to make sure that the right people get the information they need. Once you’ve signed up for the MNP portal, you can get started in no time. To set up an account, simply contact your Business Advisor.

Table of contents for Navy Quick Links

This table of contents contains links to Navy Quick Links. To access these links, you must first log in to the MNP Quick Links Portal. You will receive your login credentials at the time of registration. If you do not have your credentials, you may contact the authority or organization for more information. Once you are in the portal, click on the Table of Contents tab. You will find links to Navy Quick Links for specific topics.

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