Julien Stoermer Coleman: The Future of Modern Dance

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Dance is one of the oldest forms of entertainment on the planet. It’s a way for people to connect and have fun together. And as modern dance becomes more and more popular, it’s clear that there’s a lot of potential for growth in this field. In this blog post, we will be talking about the future of modern dance and how Julien Stoermer Coleman intends to bring it to the next level. From new techniques to audience engagement, read on to learn everything you need to know about this innovative company.

Julien Stoermer Coleman

Julien Stoermer Coleman was born in France in 1984. A graduate of the Royal Ballet School, London, he joined the Royal Opera House as a dancer in 2004 and has since appeared with them in productions of Don Giovanni, La Bohème, Tosca, and Les Contes d’Hoffmann.

Coleman’s choreography has been praised for its naturalistic approach to dance and its incorporation of movement from both ballet and modern dance. He made his New York debut in 2009 with an acclaimed work called “The Forest.” In 2011 he created “Translucence,” which was presented by Michael Smuin at the live arts space The Kitchen. The work subsequently won praise from The New York Times as “one of the year’s most startling new works.”

Coleman is currently resident choreographer at re:publica Berlin and has created several works for that festival including “Farewell” (2015) and “No Fixed Address” (2016). He also founded his own company, Julien Stoermer Coleman Dance, which performs his work around the world.

His Evolution as a Modern Dance Artist

Julien Stoermer Coleman is one of the most promising young dance artists in the world today. His evolution as a modern dance artist has been nothing short of phenomenal, and his future looks incredibly bright. Coleman started out as a dancer and choreographer for modern dance companies across Europe, but eventually decided to create his own company in 2014.

Since then, he’s created some of the most innovative and boundary-breaking work in modern dance. And his influence is spreading far and wide. He’s received praise from some of the biggest names in the industry. Including Justin Peck at The New York Times who said he had “the potential to be one of the greats” and Martha Graham who called him “one of our very best.”

Coleman’s style is unique and completely his own, blending elements of classical ballet with contemporary dance moves. He has a talent for creating dramatic stage performances that are full of energy and excitement. His work is sure to captivate audiences everywhere it goes, and he’s on track to become one of the most important modern dance artists ever!

What Sets Julien Stoermer Coleman Apart from Other Modern Dance Artists

Julien Stoermer Coleman is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking modern dance artists in the world today. He has pushed the envelope of what is possible in the field, and his work is paving the way for future generations of dancers.

First and foremost, Coleman is a choreographer. He creates original pieces that are powerful and atmospheric, full of emotion and storytelling. His ballets capture the essence of human experience, from joy to sorrow to love.

More than just a dancer, Coleman is also a visual artist. He creates stunningly beautiful costumes and sets for his ballets, which add an extra level of intensity and beauty to his performances.

What truly sets Coleman apart from other modern dance artists, though, is his commitment to innovation. He never follows the pack – he always strives to create new ways of looking at dance, and to bring new audiences into the fold.

His Future Plans for Modern Dance

Julien Stoermer Coleman is not only a phenomenal dancer, but he is also an incredible educator. In addition to his work as a professional dancer and choreographer, Julien has spent the past several years working as an associate professor of modern dance at Pennsylvania State University.

One of the things that Julien is most interested in is how modern dance can be used to help people connect with their emotions. He believes that modern dance can play an important role in helping people become more confident and self-aware.

Julien’s future plans include continuing to work on ways to use modern dance. To help people feel more connected to their emotions and selves. He also hopes to create more opportunities for students to learn about and explore modern dance.


It is with great pleasure that we can announce. The upcoming release of Julien Stoermer Coleman’s newest dance work, “The Future of Modern Dance.” With its cutting-edge choreography and innovative approach to dance theater. “The Future of Modern Dance” promises to be a transformative experience for audiences everywhere. We can’t wait to see it performed live. And we hope that you will join us in supporting Julien Stoermer Coleman as he brings this important piece of art to life.

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