Jy Prishkulnik: The Man Who Lived In His Car

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Jy Prishkulnik is a fascinating character, and not just because he’s lived in his car for over two years. Jy is an artist, and he has used his unique perspective to document his journey in a series of photographs and videos. Jy’s journey began when he lost his job and was forced to move back in with his parents. At the time, he had just bought a car and decided to live in it full-time. Since then, Jy has traversed all corners of the world while living in his car, and his videos and photos have captured everything from street scenes to exotic destinations. Jy’s story is a compelling one, and it provides an interesting look into the lives of people who are struggling economically. If you want to read more about this inspiring man, be sure to check out his website!

Jy Prishkulnik’s story

Jy Prishkulnik is a man who has made a life for himself living in his car. The 53-year-old from Mumbai, India, started living in his car in 2002 after he lost his job and was unable to afford an apartment. Over the years, Jy has managed to build a comfortable life for himself, including a regular job as a security guard. In this interview with News18, Jy talks about how he’s managed to keep up with the costs of living in his car and why he believes it’s the best way to live.

What led you to start living in your car?

I lost my job in 2002 and couldn’t afford an apartment. So I started living in my car because I didn’t want to be homeless. I was able to save up enough money over time and now I’ve been living in my car for 12 years. It’s been very difficult at times – there have been times when I’ve had to sleep on the streets – but overall it’s been a good experience.

How do you manage the costs of living in your car?

The main cost is parking – I pay Rs 60 per day for parking which covers my rent, food, electricity and water bills. I also get free transportation from my employer so that helps me save on commuting costs. And finally, I sell some of my possessions online so that I can make some extra money. Overall, it’s not an easy life but

How Jy Prishkulnik lived in his car for two years

Jy Prishkulnik is a fascinating man, and his story is both unique and inspiring. For two years, Jy drove his car around the world, visiting many different countries and experiencing many different cultures.

His journey began in India, where he spent a month travelling across the country. From there, he travelled to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and finally America. Along the way, Jy documented his travels on Instagram and YouTube.

Jy’s goal was not simply to visit as many places as possible; he wanted to get to know these countries and their people. He spent time talking with street vendors in India, eating durian with Malaysian businessmen, and hiking through Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. He even got to meet President Barack Obama during a trip to Washington D.C.

Jy’s experience of life on the road has taught him a lot about himself and about the world around him. He has developed relationships with people from all over the world—people who he would never have met otherwise—and he has learned more about himself than he ever could have imagined.

Jy Prishkulnik: The benefits of living in your car

There are plenty of reasons to live in your car, whether you’re traveling for work or just want to save money. Here are some of the benefits:

1. You can stay flexible with your living arrangements. If you need to move quickly or don’t have a place to stay yet, moving into your car is an option.

2. You can save money on rent and housing expenses. If you’re living in your car, you can often avoid typical costs like rent, utilities and parking fees.

3. You can reduce your environmental impact. Instead of traveling through airports and spending energy and resources commuting each day, living in your car could help reduce your carbon footprint.

4. You have more space and privacy. Most cars are bigger than most apartments, so they provide more space than a typical living situation. You also won’t have to share a room with other people or worry about noise levels or interruptions during sleep hours.

5. You can be independent and mobile when you need to be. When you live in your car, it’s easy to hop from one destination to another without worrying about packing up everything you own – all you need is your vehicle and some clothes for the event(s) that night/day).

What to pack when you live in your car

If you’re a nomadic driver, packing for your trip is essential. But what do you pack when you live in your car? Here’s what Jy Prishkulnik, a self-proclaimed “car dweller” and founder of the website CarCampingWorld.com, recommends:

-A small bed or sleeping bag: If you plan to sleep in your car overnight, bring a small sleeping bag or bed topper.
-An inflatable mattress or air mattress: A cheap and comfortable alternative to sleeping on the ground is an inflatable mattress or air mattress.
-A tent: If you want to get more comfortable in your car, consider investing in a tent. Some models are lightweight and can be easily strapped to the roof of your car.
-A stove, pot and cups: If you’re going camping in nature, having some cooking utensils will come handy. Remember to pack coffee filters too!
-A first aid kit: A basic first aid kit will include bandages, tape, pain killers and antihistamines.

Jy Prishkulnik: Tips for finding a parking spot

If you’re looking for a parking spot, try these tips: – Check the parking map: Many cities offer online parking maps that show where spaces are available. – Scan the surrounding area: Look for areas where cars might be parked on the side of the road or in alleyways. – Check Parking Panda: This app lets users find parking near their current location using GPS.

How to make the most of your living space

In today’s world, it seems like more and more people are living in their cars. For Jy Prishkulnik, this was a natural choice. Jy has lived in his car since he was 16 years old. He says that it is the best way to live because you can “be anywhere in the world in a matter of hours.”

Jy is not alone in his thinking. There are a growing number of people who choose to live in their cars because they think it is the best way to save money. According to The Guardian, “living in your car isn’t for everyone – but if you’re looking for an affordable way to travel and have minimalimpact on the environment, it might just be the option for you.”

There are some downsides to living in your car, of course. You need to have space for a vehicle, and you may not be able to find suitable housing if you decide to move. But according to Jy, these disadvantages are worth considering if you want an affordable lifestyle and the flexibility that comes with living in your car.


In today’s world, it seems that we can’t go a day without hearing about some new trend or fad. But what about the man who has been living in his car for years? Jy Prishkulnik is a fascinating character who has made the choice to live his life on the road, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. In this short interview, Jy talks about why he made the decision to live in his car, how he deals with difficult situations (like when he was stranded in a remote area), and what advice he would offer to others thinking of making the same leap. If you’re curious about what it’s like to be homeless but still have an internet connection, check out this video to learn more about Jy Prishkulnik and his unique lifestyle.

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