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Return of the disaster class hero ch 1: Disaster Class Hero is a new and exciting action-adventure game that will be launched at the end of winter for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. In this game, the player will play the role of the specialist in junior Takoma tani disaster aid while he and A team of classmates fight to save Japan from natural catastrophes. Influenced by the earthquakes of the real-life of Japan and the tsunamis, the heroes of the disaster class are an exciting new game that promises to be hours of play. In this blog post, we will look for how the first minutes of the game and how to launch it.

DReturn of the disaster class hero ch 1: a thriller

When a new kind of disaster threatens the world, it depends on the hero of the previous disaster class to save the day. In the return of the hero of the disaster class, the main character of the players controls enthusiasm when fighting dangerous monsters and floods in an attempt to restore peace. With a compulsive game that captures the enthusiasm of the destruction of real life and adrenaline, it is believed that it is fascinated by sports fans full of the game.

Return of the disaster class hero ch 1: Characters

When the hero of the disaster class: Chero returns, brings a new sale of characters to help the players look for them. The game contains 30 different characters, all of which have different skills and statistics that can be updated with the development of the player.

One of the main characters is Kozo Sakuraba, who is able to attack the enemies from afar, using their aerial powers, in addition to creating enemies hit. His partner, Voloia, is also a fighter and can use his firepower to close enemies closely. Other allies include Hannah Wakatsuki, who has ice-based capabilities and can slow down enemies. Josovic Hanumura, who shoots arrows with his bow, can cause damage and mobilize the enemies. And Yoshiki Kikuchi, who uses a store (knife) to attack enemies from afar.

Players can change among these allies during the war so that the situation is better adequate. This strategic game allows several battles that play players on their fingers.

Return of the disaster class hero ch 1: Graphic

In the next game of the Heroes series of the disaster class, the players will control the main role of Mika, who will have to protect their school and the city from generalized earthquakes. The game is designed to be increasingly challenging and practically developed levels that can be played several times to discover new secrets will be exhibited. Players will have to use all their skills to avoid powerful earthquakes and tremendous tsunami attacks.

Mika’s classmates have joined to create a temporary rescue team that is trying to save people trapped under debris. With Mika’s help, they have to work together to free and protect the affected people. There are many dangerous obstacles on their way, including collapsed buildings and severe fire. If Mika can do this with these challenging levels, he will demonstrate herself as a true hero of the disaster class!

How to play disaster class

In the disaster class, you play as a student trapped in a school that falls during the earthquake. To survive, you must use your own immediate anxiety and intelligence to visit the debris, collect resources and build a defense.

To play, choose one of the three characters: John, Kate, or Alex. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses that affect the game of the game.

John is strong and sharp, which makes it better to clean the rubble. Kate is good with the tools and can be temporarily barricaded. The use of strategies is better to collect resources and find safe places to hide resources.


As a result of World War II, Japan was in a disaster. The country was destroyed, and its people were surprised and needs to start from the beginning. The Government established a new system called Koto Mod, emphasizing education and hard work in everything. It was not an easy path, largely because it was very different from anything that I have tried before. But over the years, Japan became one of the most successful economies in the world and its most respected society.

This is the story of how a class hero helped to make them all possible: Chihiro Ogino. When you play the heroes of the disaster class. You will experience this story firsthand while you help yourself go to high school and university. While trying to find your place in Japan that changes quickly, Japan, is on the way. You will make powerful friends and you will establish relationships that will go on throughout life.

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