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The Washington Post is a newspaper that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, world news, and sports. The newspaper’s website has been used as the source for so many of the best headlines in history. Learn about some of their most famous headlines below!

How the Washington Post Got Started

The Washington Posts were founded on December 15, 1877 by John R. McLean and James H. Patterson. It was first known as the Evening Star. The paper’s motto has been “democracy in action.”

The Washington Posts Headlines Archive

  1. The Washington Posts on the Russia Investigation
  2. The Washington Posts on the Kavanaugh Hearing
  3. The Washington Posts on the Shutdown
  4. The Washington Posts on the 2020 Election

Top 10 Headlines

The Washington Post has been publishing top headlines today.

Here are some of the top headlines from The Washington Posts today:

  • Trump to visit South Carolina amid controversy
  • Melania Trump’s libel lawsuit against The Daily Mail dropped
  • North Korea suspends nuclear dialogue with US
  • Russia detonates largest non-nuclear explosive in over a decade

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Top 10 Things That Went Wrong in 2017

This week in Washington, there were a lot of headlines that went wrong.

Some of the biggest headlines this week included the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election and the collapse of a bridge in Miami.

Other headlines that went wrong this week include Trump’s decision to end DACA and the death of Prince.

The Washington Post – Breaking news and latest headlines

  • President Trump announces new tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports
  • US charges detained Russian spy with conspiracy to commit espionage
  • ICE arrests Texas mom who allegedly smuggled 11 kids into US
  • White House: Trump not considering firing Mueller

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