The Journey of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

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Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is a blogger, speaker, and the founder of The Creative Professional Revolution. She has written extensively on topics such as marketing, creativity, and personal growth. Her latest book, Creative Professionalism: How to Thrive in a Creative Age, is a compilation of her most popular blog posts and essays on the creative life. In this post, we will explore the journey of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman and how she has helped shape the creative industry. From her early days as a writer to her work as a speaker and author today, read on to learn more about this influential individual.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Childhood

Born into a family of five children, Kaylee Coleman was always surrounded by love. Her parents were always there for her and made sure she had everything she needed. Coleman attended several church services throughout her childhood and grew to have a strong faith.

Coleman’s favorite memories from childhood involve spending time with her family. She would often go on walks with her siblings or play games together in the backyard. As the oldest child, Coleman was often tasked with taking care of her younger siblings. She loved being able to provide them with what they needed and making them laugh.

Throughout high school, Coleman enjoyed sports and excelled in academics. She was nominated for prom queen twice and served as vice president of her student council. After graduating from high school, Coleman studied at two different universities before deciding on Eastern Kentucky University (EKU).

Coleman began attending EKU in 2014 as an accounting major. After two years of college, she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in finance. In order to gain more experience in the field, Coleman took a job at a small accounting firm during her final semester of college. During this time, she met her now husband Russ Stoermer who worked at the same firm as well.

After completing her degree in finance from EKU in May 2018, Coleman began working as an accountant for Stoermer Financial Group (SFG) where she is currently employed Full-time . SFG is a family-

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman University Years

Since graduating from high school in May of 2014, Kaylee Coleman has been diligently working towards her goal of becoming a successful university student. This fall, she will be attending the University of Utah as a business major.

In preparation for her upcoming semester, Kaylee has been studying hard and has made great strides in her academics. She is also participating in many extracurricular activities on campus, including the violin club, business fraternity, and literary magazine. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and exploring the city of Salt Lake City.

Kaylee is an encouraging young woman with a lot of ambition and drive. She is always striving to improve herself both academically and socially, which is sure to make her successful at university. We are excited to see what future holds for Kaylee Coleman!

Kaylee Coleman’s Professional Wrestling Career

Kaylee Coleman is a professional wrestler who has been performing for over four years now. She started her career in the independent circuit before making her debut for Ring of Honor (ROH) in 2016. She has since performed for other promotions, most notably Impact Wrestling and WWE. Her most notable achievements to date include winning the recent ROH Women’s World Championship and being a part of the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament.

Coleman’s journey to becoming a professional wrestler is an interesting one. Growing up, she had always been interested in the sport and dreamed of taking it up as a career. However, she was realistic about her chances of achieving this goal and decided to study business instead. It was only after she met ROH wrestling coach Denny Provinz that Coleman began to rethink her plans. Provinz convinced Coleman to give wrestling a try and she enrolled in his training program soon after.

It wasn’t long before Coleman was competing in high-profile matches and earning accolades along the way. In 2016, she made her debut for Ring of Honor (ROH) where she quickly became one of their top stars. She won the company’s Women’s Championship in her first title defense earlier this year and was also part of the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament which saw her defeat Lacey Evans en route to becoming the tournament champion. Coleman is currently one of Impact Wrestling’s top stars and is scheduled to compete

The Road to the Olympics

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman had always loved the water. She swam and dived since she could walk, and her family was always on the move, living in new places every few years. When Coleman was 5, her family moved to a small town in Minnesota. Coleman’s older sister introduced her to synchronized swimming, and she fell in love with it.

At age 11, Coleman decided to move away from home and explore the world. She applied to universities all over the U.S., but ended up choosing Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) because of its synchronized swimming program. Between classes and practice, Coleman worked part-time at a local swim shop to make enough money to live on while she studied.

Coleman arrived at VCU as a freshman in 2009 looking like any other young student. But there was one thing that set her apart: she was a natural synchronized swimmer. The coaches quickly saw that Coleman had what it took to compete at an elite level and recruited her into their team. From then on, everything else followed suit – Coleman excelled both academically and athletically at VCU, earning degrees in Biological Sciences and Sport Management while also becoming an All-American swimmer and member of the NCAA champion women’s synchronized swimming team.

After graduating from VCU in 2013, Coleman turned her sights towards qualifying for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro as a member of USA Synchro Team (USHNT). Despite some close

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman: The Journey to the Ketogenic Diet

Kaylee Coleman started her ketogenic journey in early 2016 after reading about the benefits of the diet on a blog. She was initially hesitant to try it, but after doing some research she decided to give it a try and began by following a keto diet plan devised for someone her size. At first, she found the food restrictive and difficult to follow, but over time she grew more comfortable with the diet and began to see positive changes in her health.

Now, two years later, Kaylee is thriving on a ketogenic diet and credits it with helping her lose weight, improve her energy levels, and reduce inflammation in her body. She says that while there are some minor adjustments that she still makes from time to time, such as incorporating more vegetables into her meals or increasing the amount of fluids she drinks, overall the diet has been extremely beneficial for her overall health and well-being.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Future

Kaylee Coleman, who was born without a left hand, is working hard to make her future in the arts. She has been writing and performing music with a prosthetic since she was two, and has learned how to use it seamlessly. She also competes in gymnastics, races triathlons, and plays soccer. Kaylee’s determination and athleticism have won her many awards, including being named an honorary captain of the varsity soccer team at her school. Kaylee is looking forward to attending college and pursuing a career in the arts.


Kaylee Coleman is a very special person. Not only did she overcome significant medical challenges, but she also started a non-profit that helps other kids with disabilities achieve the same level of success that she has. Her story is an inspiration to all of us, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to feature her on our website. If you’re looking for a good cause to donate your time or money to, consider supporting Kaylee’s work!

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