Why The Detroit Rams Stuck Around In Los Angeles

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The article talks about how the Detroit Rams were in Los Angeles for 22 seasons, despite the city being a sports graveyard. The author, who has a degree in social science, theorizes that their stay proved to be beneficial to the team’s success.

The History of the Detroit Rams

The Detroit Rams were one of the longest-lasting teams in the NFL. They first played in Los Angeles as an expansion team in 1946, and stuck around until 1994 when they moved to St. Louis. Their time in LA was full of ups and downs, but their time in STL was much better. They went to the playoffs eight times and made it to the Super Bowl twice, but lost both times. The Rams are now back in LA and are looking to make a comeback.

The Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have been around since 1946, making them one of the older teams in the NFL. The Rams originally played in Cleveland, Ohio before moving to Los Angeles in 1995. The Rams were one of the six teams that competed in the 2018 NFL season. The Rams lost their first game against the New Orleans Saints and then won their next five games to make it to the playoffs.

The Rams lost their first playoff game against the Oakland Raiders and then won their next two games against the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks to make it to the NFC Championship Game. The Rams lost their NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite this loss, many fans believe that the Rams should have made it further because of their strong regular season record.

Why the LA Rams are in LA

The Los Angeles Rams have been in the city of angels for over 50 years now, but what made them stick around? Well, there are a few reasons.

For one, the Rams were able to keep their fan base consistent by playing in the same city for all of that time. This meant that there was always something to look forward to and talk about when the Rams were playing. In addition, the Rams were able to capitalize on the popularity of professional football during that time period. Which helped them stay afloat financially. Finally, the team was able to make some key moves that helped them succeed in Los Angeles. For example, they drafted a superstar quarterback in Jared Goff and signed some big-name stars to help him win games.

What are some reasons why the LA Rams stayed in LA?

As mentioned earlier, the Rams were originally based in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1995, they relocated to Los Angeles and became the second NFL franchise in the city. The Rams have been consistent playoff contenders since their arrival in LA, but have never advanced past the divisional round.

Some reasons why the Rams may have stayed in LA. Include the presence of a passionate fan base and market size. The Rams had an average attendance of over 70,000 per game. During the 1999 season which ranked them fifth in the league. Additionally, the market size is considered to be one of the largest for an NFL franchise. The Rams also play their home games in one of the most iconic stadiums in all of sports.

End your blog with a conclusion

The Detroit Rams stayed in Los Angeles for one final season. Because of owner Stan Kroenke’s commitment to keeping the team in Southern California. Kroenke also wanted to give L.A. a chance to fix its stadium situation before relocating the team elsewhere. The Rams were able to improve their stadium situation and decided against moving, which is why they are still in L.A.

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